SCaLE 20x accepted my Nextcloud talk for the March conference in Pasadena, California - Introduction to Nextcloud: Your data, your cloud.

Happy to be back in Pasadena this year. It will be interesting to see which of my favorite SCaLE restaurants survived the pandemic.

Enjoy the conference via streaming or come join us from March 9th through the 12th at the Pasadena Convention Center.

If you use streaming please find ways to give us shoutouts and other positive feedback so people can see the benefit of a hybrid event. Online events the last few years have been hard for conference organizers. We don’t get to see everyone and get feedback from the on site crowd. Please help us promote and do some live-tooting when you’re watching talks.

I will be masking while at SCaLE 20x.

@murph tells me his #Fediverse was accepted as well, A brief introduction to Mastodon and the Fediverse. Looking forward to that. He’ll be talking about much more of the Fediverse than just Mastodon.

This year I’m co-chairing the Open Source Career Day ( OSCD ). We’re still working on the schedule for the Sunday event. Thus far we’re planning talks, clinics and career counseling. We also have a surprise if we can get those specific volunteers confirmed.

We’re still looking for hiring managers and other volunteers to help with counseling sessions ( resume reviews, career counseling ) and other aspects of OSCD. Let me know on the Fediverse ( Mastodon ) or in IRC ( LuftHans in #SCaLE, #SeaGL and #PLUGaz ) if you’d like to help.

I also usually help run the evening BoFs. We haven’t started planning them yet, but the BoFs should be back for Friday and Saturday evenings. The jobs board should also be back, look for it in the lobby on the way to the expo floor.

The SCaLE 20x covid policy is mostly "meh" :(. As I said, I will be masking again. Perhaps I’ll use it as an excuse to buy more Pepper and Carrot masks to supplement my geek mask collection. I also have some travel ionic air purifiers for the hotel room. Stay safe, take care of yourself and those around you.